Sawmilling Division

Border Timbers owns and operates two medium sized sawmills, Sheba and Charter. The sawmills are designed to cut both pine and eucalyptus saw logs.  Both mills are located within the company’s sustainably managed plantations. Larger diameter Pine timber is milled using frame saw machines whilst the smaller diameter material is milled on either double log edger circular saws or on state of the art chipper canter technology. Eucalyptus saw logs are sawn using either Lucas, Bandsaw or Frame saw machines depending on the log diameters.


All the timber produced at the sawmills is kiln dried to a moisture content ranging from 8-15% depending on the end-users requirements. Drying schedules are drawn for each species. Eucalyptus is first air stacked for three months before being kiln dried to improve timber stability and to reduce drying defects. Kiln drying results in a far superior product compared to the “wet off saw” material often found on the market.¬†All the timber is pressed, bundled and packaged to the highest standard before dispatch.



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